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Easter Flowers & Music Ministry Survey

March 21, 2023, 11:00 AM


Help the Sanctuary Come ALIVE on Easter!

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Our communion table is open to all, and so is our survey! 

As Mark Wilson's inimitable ministry at Christian Temple comes to a close, the Search Committee is working hard to find our next music minister. But before we do anything else, we're doing lots of research—and no information is more valuable to us than learning about your dreams for the future of Christian Temple's music ministry (and where you feel the Spirit nudging us as a congregation). In the questions ahead, we'll ask you to tell us about your experiences with music and spirituality. Most questions are multiple-choice, which means we know the nuances of your unique spirituality will not be fully captured by the box we ask you to put them in. Sorry about that! But that's because we want to make sure we capture themes and trends emerging from the congregation as a whole. There will be a comment section at the end that we hope you will use to share any other thoughts with us. We want to hear them! 

We also know that "where two or more are gathered," ideas and thoughts can come up that might not have occurred to any one of us on our own. So in addition to your individual feedback, we also want to hear from you in groups. That's why we'll be holding two live listening sessions (everyone will listen, and everyone will be able to talk), on Sunday, April 2 after church and on Wednesday evening, April 5 via Zoom. Instead of a typical town hall-style meeting, we'll use a spiritually-oriented process that will encourage questions and facilitate reflection. We'll also use that time to share the results of this survey with all of you. We hope you'll mark your calendars and join us!

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