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The Seed: October 9, 2022



The Seed Newsletter

October 9, 2022






It was great to be with you all this past Sunday for a ... well, weird experience! We experienced our first Sunday without the Powells ... and moved closer to our new co-pastors being with us.

As we can feel fall being in full swing, we continue our own time of transition together. Hope you can join us Sunday, as we continue our journey through the classic book, The Giving Tree, to see what it might have in store for us.

Please remember that if you need anything during this time of transition, feel free to reach out: 325-261-1355 or





During the month of October, we will have bells, book, and banner in the Gathering.  Please place the name(s) of those you wish to be raised up and remembered in our special worship service on November 6th in the book next to the banner; then pin a bell for each name on the red ribbons of the banner.  If you are unable to be in-person at the worship services, please feel free to call the church and we will record your loved one’s name and place a bell on the banner for you.






Christian Temple will be holding a Congregational Meeting (in-person only) on October 16, 2022, immediately following the worship service.  The purpose of this meeting is to approve the Church Board recommended FY23 Budget, as well as to approve the nomination of Kari Barnes to serve as the Financial Secretary for the 2022-2023 church year.




 + HURRICANES 2022 +


Week of Compassion remains in close touch with Iglesia Cristiana (Discipulos de Cristo) Puerto Rico, as they coordinate with more than 50 Disciples churches who are active in providing assistance to communities. We will continue to respond through the IC(DC)PR and local partners as there is need.


Week of Compassion is receiving updates from Regional Ministers, local church pastors, and ecumenical partners to assess immediate needs and responses in Florida, South Carolina, and elsewhere.  In the coming days, we anticipate many more reports of damage, plans for long-term response, and of Disciples providing care for their neighbors.

To read more about Week of Compassion’s efforts, go to:


PLEASE MAKE YOUR CHECK TO:  Christian Temple and annotate Week of Compassion – Hurricanes 2022



Kathy Cayward was a fun-loving and devoted member of our Chancel Choir and Bell Choir. When she died, a fund was established to help support our excellent ministry of music at Christian Temple. The fund helps to enhance our two community concerts offered each year as well as our on-going choral and instrumental music during our worship services.

Please consider a donation to this ministry. A tax-deductible check can be sent to the church office or placed in the offering plate. Your support will be greatly appreciated!



In observance of Mark Wilson's 25th anniversary as the Director of Music & Liturgy, we will meet in the Gathering area after worship on Sunday, October 9th.  Please join us as we celebrate the occasion!  (P.S. There will be cake!)



--To our dear friends at Christian Temple,

We want to thank you all for every “special thing" that was done over the past few months to celebrate our ministry and usher us into retirement. The closing worship services were deeply moving. The going away events were filled with joy and so well planned. The greetings we've received have humbled us and will continue to remind us of the special community that is "Christian Temple". The quilt and the Peace Pole were the perfect gifts to symbolize our time together which has been wrapped in the warmth of a loving community and guided by our common desire that peace might prevail on earth. A special thanks goes out to Lisa Nichols who orchestrated so much of the goodness we all experienced. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your gifts so freely and for directing an incredible team of volunteers who attended to every single fabulous detail!

And as we bid you all goodbye for a while, we also want to thank you for your partnership through all the years of ministry we have shared. We've laughed and cried together, we have held each other through so many of life's difficult moments, and shared moments of utter joy. We've worked alongside of one another to bear witness to the realm of God. We've worshiped together in so many ways. Through it all, you have continued to teach us about what it means to be a part of a vibrant, healthy faith community that is focused on sharing the grace and justice of God, and welcoming everyone to the table of Jesus Christ.

We are so eager for the next chapter in the life of Christian Temple to begin and to unfold in its own unique and wonderful way. To be sure, your glory days are still yet to come!

We love you!

Rick and Jayna



Transformers will be meeting this Sunday, October 9th!




Jordan Taylor Remembrances and Fundraisers

In the fall of 2019 Jordan Taylor was killed while in front of his home. Jordan was a longtime Catonsville resident and his family still lives in the area. He was a beloved counselor/coach at the Catonsville Y and his death sent shockwaves through our community.

Since Jordan's death his family has established a scholarship fund at the Catonsville Y in his honor. called the "Jordan Taylor Youth Development Fund. Two upcoming events give the community an opportunity to give to this fund.

The first is a benefit concert on Saturday, October 8th at the Barn on the campus of CCBC Catonsville featuring the music of Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon. Here's a link to that event.

The second opportunity will be the second annual Team Jordan Catonsville Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. Here's the link for that event:

Thank you for considering supporting these events for such a very good cause.



Millions of kids are now back to school - but with inflation reaching its highest rate in 40 years, many families will be forced to cut down on clothing expenses and focus on necessities (food, rent, health, etc.).  Together, you and I can help alleviate part of this financial burden for 100 children at Ducketts Lane Elementary School. This particular school has asked if we could try to provide another round of 100 coats.

Each winter coat costs $22.00 and up to 5 coats costing $110.00. If you want to help, please mail your check to:

Operation Warm Inc.

C/O  Christian Temple Fund

P.O.  Box 822431

Philadelphia, PA   19182-2431

When kids have the proper appropriate attire, they can feel confident and be successful academically. More important, they can enjoy being kids.

Thank you very much for helping  ~ Doug Brice (410-730-8727)



The Christian Temple Wednesday Bible Study fall session will begin Wednesday, September 7 at 9:30 AM via Zoom. We will continue were we left off last spring with the study of “Jesus and His Jewish Influences,” beginning with Lecture # 19. This study course is led by Professor Jodi Magness, Ph.D. In this course, we trace the origins of Judaism from the arrival of the Israelites in Canaan to the rise of Rabbinic Judaism in the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D. The covered information is drawn from the Hebrew Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the writings of Philo of Alexandria and the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. The study will help us to better understand Jesus’ teachings and his ministry. The study has five remaining lectures.

Starting around October 12th we plan on beginning a new study on “Understanding the New Testament.” The course is led by Professor David Brakke, Ph.D. This is a 24 lecture series that takes us behind the scenes to study not only the text of the New Testament, but also the authors and the world in which it was created. The course explores Jewish lives under Roman occupation, reflects on the apocalyptic mood of the first and second centuries A. D., witnesses the early Christians’ evangelism beyond the Jewish communities, and witnesses the birth of a faith that continues to shape our world today.

There is no need to purchase books or course materials, as the WBS coordinator distributes appropriate reading materials and a Zoom link each week for each lecture. Please join us this fall in learning about our Christian faith, its scriptures and authors. If you have questions, please contact Vaughn Ouellette at 410-313-9661 or email:



In-person and Virtual Regional Assembly October 14 & 15, 2022

Location: The William F. Bolger Center, 9600 Newbridge Dr, Potomac, MD 20854

The theme for the 2022 Regional Assembly is "Justice, Mercy, Humility: What Is Required of Disciples Today?” based upon the scripture passage Micah 6:8

To Register and to make room reservations at the Bolger Center, please check out our registration page



A Note from Kecia Johnson...

Please help to update our records! I am asking ALL Christian Temple families with kids aged Birth to 8th Grade to complete and submit this Form --->



At its most recent meeting the Official Board updated Christian Temple's Pandemic Preparedness Policy to more accurately reflect the current realities of the pandemic. Anyone who would like to see the policy as it now is written may CLICK HERE.



Our email distribution lists are almost up-to-date, but we are concerned that we may have missed a friend or two during this process. If you know of anyone who isn't receiving the J&C and/or The Seed, please ask them to let the office know. Contact Robin at 410-747-2041 or at Thank you!



We needed to update our Zoom account recently for a variety of reasons.  In doing so, some of our standard, recurring links have changed.  Please look carefully at the links printed in our newsletters as they may be different than expected.  If you have any questions, please call the church office at 410-747-2041.  Thank you!



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