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The Seed: May 14, 2023

The Seed: May 14, 2023


Dear Christian Temple,

We've been in the period between heat and air conditioning for a while now and it is hard to believe that summer is fast approaching! Before we get to the bird days of summer, there are a few things to pass along. 

1. The EMC campaign this year is changing its name to EPC--Every Person Connected. The campaign to get our Christian Temple family connected through communication, giving, and volunteering begins this Sunday. Katie and I will be doing a short introduction before worship and we will hear from some other voices about the EPC campaign the next two Sundays.

Let's get connected!

2. CAMP SEASON IS HERE!! We want as many campers to make their way out to Bethany Beach as possible. I just signed Sophie up for the Pioneer/Discovery Camp this week, so you are not too late! Remember that Christian Temple has committed to cover 50% of the cost for every kid and young adult to go to camp. All you have to do in the CampDoc system is use the coupon code CT50.  If you need more financial assistance, please go sign up through the same system and use the code CTR100 and let the office know so we can pass along the forms you will need. Just go to this website to sign up:!/dn/login?r=ccca

For camp dates and such:

There is scholarship money available and we want to fill up the camp slots! Let's go camping!

3. The sign up for the Orioles' game on Sunday, May 28th can be found in the article below. To get a reserved section, the tickets are all $15 (even for kids 3 & up). Wear your orange to church and...Let's go O's!

Much love,






Sign-up for the O's Game Below:








If you haven't started already, it is time NOW to begin thinking about Summer Camps.  Take a look at the BROCHURE to view all the opportunities that are available!  

Online Camp Registration is open now at

For Early-Bird rates, camper scholarship resources, and other details, please visit

Questions:  Email   or call   301-942-8266

The 2023 Camp Brochure is also attached to this email for you to print or download. 







Help Needed: Please send us pictures of your child(ren) with their family, mentors, church members, and friends! We want to celebrate the community we are building together as a church and share the love and care we give to all of our children. Pictures of hugs and smiles are greatly appreciated! Pictures of grandchildren are wonderful as well!  A digital copy is best as we are hoping to create a wonderful montage. Pictures are due TODAY (Thursday, May11th)!  Please send via email to




Be part of worship to bless the builders, the resources, and the homeowners, and then help frame a house right in the Exhibit Hall! Join Week of Compassion on Sunday morning at General Assembly, and stop by afterwards to leave words of blessing within the walls. Spots are limited, so add this to your General Assembly registration and more information will follow soon!




Join us from your office or home on Wednesdays  (12pm Noon) for 45 minutes of lectio divina on the upcoming week's Gospel lesson. For more on the practice of lectio divina, click here. For questions, contact

Please use the Zoom link below to join:




FORUM TOPIC: History and Polity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

For the next few Sundays in May, we will be exploring the early American church, learning about the founders of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), from a frontier religious movement to a 21 Century mainline Christian denomination.  If you are interested in knowing about the history and polity of our church denomination, please joint us on Zoom at 9AM.

Sundays (9 AM), Zoom Sessions Only:



We have made a few changes to our email addresses...  Feel free to reach out!               

Katie Callaway

John Callaway-

Mark Wilson-

Kecia Johnson

Robin Picanso-  





We have the best opportunity before us: a whole lot of kids and a need for adults to help! Will you consider volunteering once a month (or even less often) to help Kecia wrangle and love our kids during Transformers? Click here to sign up








The Children's Choir will be meeting (and singing) this Sunday, May 14th.  

Transformers will be in session on May 14th!  Kids will leave to participate in the program right after the  Children’s Moment during our worship service.  Kecia Johnson, the Education Coordinator for Christian Temple, will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the Transformer program and schedule.



Lectio at Lunch (12 PM Noon) - Zoom Sessions Only


Nine O' Clock Forum, Sundays (9 AM), Zoom Sessions Only


Wednesday Bible Study (9:30 AM), Zoom Sessions Only

Join the Wednesday Bible Study!  This group is exploring the study,  “Understanding the New Testament.”  There is no need to purchase books or course materials, as the WBS coordinator distributes appropriate reading materials and a Zoom link each week for each lecture. Please join us in learning about our Christian faith, its scriptures and authors. If you have questions, please contact Vaughn Ouellette at 410-313-9661 or email:



The Official Church Board updated Christian Temple's Pandemic Preparedness Policy to more accurately reflect the current realities of the pandemic. Anyone who would like to see the policy as it now is written may CLICK HERE.



If you know of anyone who isn't receiving the J&C and/or The Seed, please ask them to let the office know. Contact Robin at 410-747-2041 or at Thank you!