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Members & Friends- Special Notice

Hi Members & Friends!

Thank you for being patient as we updated our Traditional Church Directory and created a user name and password for you to use.  This password will allow you to access the directory a bit more quickly than through the Members & Friends section of the website.

To find the Traditional Church directory:

  • Please click on the word ARCHIVES. (This word is located on the top, far right-hand side of our website's home page.  The word ARCHIVES will highlight when you move the cursor over it.)
  • Scroll down from there to the TRADITIONAL CHURCH DIRECTORY tab.  Click on this tab.  Do not worry bout the LOCK ICON
  • You will be asked to enter a user name and password.  The credentials are:(user name) ctemple and (password) friends.
  • Another window will open and you will see a dark blue tab entitled Traditional Church Directory June 30 2023.  Please click on this tab and your directory will show up!  (Note: The date for the church directory will change with the revisions.)

This directory can be downloaded to your computer, printed out, or used as needed straight from the website!   We will update the directory every couple of months, so please continue to keep your password handy.  Of course, you can always contact me at the church as I will be able to share the current the credentials with you (See below):

USER NAME:  ctemple 

PASSWORD:  friends

The password may change from time to time, so please be aware of any special email notices you might receive from Christian Temple.  (Don't forget to check your Junk Mail as well!) 

All the best,


P.S.  This is not a replacement for the Members & Friends section, but an add-on benefit of having quicker access to the Traditional Church Directory.

443-690-4662 mobile (call/text)

410-747-2041 Office phone